I am a lifelong musician, singer, and songwriter, and over the past few years have taken to learning more, growing in my craft, and finding inexpensive, but quality instruments. I am making my cutoff for instruments $300 or less, and any instruments I get will either be given my seal of approval;

… or will not, with full explanation. I play bass guitar, guitar, piano/keyboards, drums, and Cajon, I write lyrics and sing, utilizing many vocal styles, produce, program synth and midi, mix, and both pre and post-master. All of my reviews are 100% honest and are not paid for by anyone. I was the one-man goth/industrial project D-Lux through five albums and a single… so I know the difference between cheap and affordable. 

Reviews will cover instruments, music accessories, stereo equipment, and just about all things audible… does it rock… read on and find out!

Meinl Cajon model: HCAJ1NT

Glarry Burning Fire guitar

Donner Mini turbo headphone amplifier

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT

Konibn 15 piece Guitar Luthier set

Snap-N-Store Vinyl Record Storage Box

Sondery Digital Metronome

Tenmiya Bluetooth speaker

Yamaha Electronic Percussion DD-50

Q&A – I

D’Addario Nexxus 360 USB rechargeable tuner

Glarry Fretless Electric Bass Guitar (Coming soon)

Glarry GST guitar (Coming soon)

Glarry GEP-110 61 Key Keyboard with Piano Stool (Coming soon)