Lord Frederick W. Cook was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1978, and never knew his father, as he’d left when he was just two years old. Raised by his mother, grandmother, and two uncles William and Robert, Lord Frederick was born to poverty and adversity. His grandmother and mother were “cleaning ladies,” and babysitters for the affluent throughout Philadelphia’s Society Hill section, and the area he grew up around was known as “Little Cambodia.”

Life was difficult, as he’d searched for an identity in a world in which he didn’t fit in, made worse by a freak accident taking away his vision in his left eye at the age of five. In the neighborhood he’d grown up in and school he’d attended until fifth grade, he was “that white boy,” and when his mother married his step father, they’d moved to a predominantly Irish neighborhood. There, Lord Frederick was often asked if he was Irish and as his family often told his they thought they were German, and he then became, “That German Kid,” by his peers. 

At the age of ten he was enrolled in martial arts, something he wanted to do since he was five watching kung fu movies every weekend. Lord Frederick would hang with a rough crowd during his youth and eventually started a small fight club for kids to settle differences without resorting to weapons, or getting arrested. At eighteen, Lord Frederick was married to a woman he’d met online, and a couple of years later, he’d moved to Tucson, Arizona. 

The woman proved to be abusive verbally and physically, yet the marriage lasted a decade, before Lord Frederick moved to North Carolina to be with his then love interest, later wife Samantha. Instantly he was the father of two young boys, Adrian and Gabriel whose father left them and disavowed any knowledge or had any contact with them, so Lord F Adopted them as his own. Several years later, they returned to Lord Frederick’s hometown of Philadelphia as a family, and he soon had two children with Samantha Jocelyn and Cordelia. 

The September, 7th, 2019 wedding of Lord and Lady Cook

Lord Frederick began studying his genealogy at the end of 2020 building a family tree, and getting his DNA tested. In doing so, he’s uncovered a rich history of both of his parental lineages and the names and faces that make up his familial history. As for writing this, he has traced and verified all of his family heritages. His royal lineage comes from the Tupper side of his family, tracing the lineage back to the high kings of Ireland in Tara, and is recognized as a lord/laird of Ardmore, Ireland with full patens and award of arms.

Lord Frederick is also English (30%), Scots/Irish (20%) Ashkenazi (15-20%) and Mizrahi (10%) Jewish, Pakistani (5%). (Updated)

Lord Frederick has achieved much in his life, never giving up on whatever it is he wanted to accomplish, in spite of his having some major physical setbacks. As of writing this, he has/is;

  • Legally blind with a degenerative condition that will inevitably leave him fully blind.
  • Is profoundly hearing impaired.
  • Has D.I.S.H. (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis) aka Forestier’s disease that is taking away his ability to walk.
  • Type 2 Diabetic.
  • Hypertension.
  • High Cholesterol.
  • has had 3 Traumatic brain injuries.

…and despite those issues, he has achieved the following;

  • Released five albums of music and a single as D-Lux (2001-2010)
  • Published by the largest independent publisher in the world, twice
  • Self-published four times
  • Published 5 times with serial killers magazine and 4 times with S&I Arsenal
  • Has sold over two-hundred pieces of art across the world
  • Ran the Church of Lucifer from 1994-2008 now under the leadership of Rev. Patrick Gaffiero, as Lord Cook is now a Jew whom practices and lives Judaism.
  • Gave 2 live lectures on the occult in front of 1.1 and 1.4 million individuals via a very large Facebook group
  • Worked for a year at Harry’s occult, a 100+-year-old Voodoo shop in Philadelphia
  • Wrote three occult books to acclaim
  • Psychotherapist, master hypnotherapist, Ericksonian hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic programming practitioner, cognitive behavior therapy practitioner, acupressurist, and master herbalist
  • Associate Director Beyond Barriers
  • 1st Dan (WTF) Tae Kwon Do – Kim’s Karate
  • 2nd-degree black belt Bak Sil Lum Quan (Northern Shaolin fist) – Sifu Shi Gan Min
  • 1st Dan Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do – Ed Dewitt
  • 1st level instructor Doce Pares Kali- Aaron Lee
  • Instructor Sekiguchi-Ryu (Swordsmanship) – Ed Dewitt
  • Instructor Pa Kua Chang – Al Case
  • Instructor Monkey Boxing – Al Case
  • Blue belt with a stripe Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Gracie Bara of Tucson
  • Catch as catch can wrestling – Black flag jiu-jitsu club
  • Master instructor certified by Al Case
  • Founder/Sho Dai Soke – Cook’s Kenpo Karate

Though he can no longer practice the martial arts, he is proud of what he’d accomplished through nearly 32 years of study and practice. Lord Frederick is still diligently working on new projects and this website will stand to list them all as they are completed…