EVR updates

1/10/2024 – Feezy C and Epohon are both currently in development and work is underway… EV Records has proudly signed DJ Raekwon, who will be the producer for Feezy C and Epohon has a band, ready, willing, and more than able to destroy… more to come very soon!

11/8/2023 – Feezy C has made first contact…

8/18/2023 – February I almost died and EVR was put on hold, as well as my musical projects, but they will resume and EVR will launch in late 2023/early 2024 as it stands. So many more updates are to come, including another project in the works (horrorcore rap!).

1/21/2023 – We’ve been acquiring a lot of musical necessities here, instruments, programs, studio needs etc. In 2023 we will officially become operational as a label, and with the release of our musical forays. 

11/21/2022 – EVR and its projects are entirely the work of one man… me, and so things take a bit more time than they would with a team behind me… that being said, I am making great strides on Red in Obscura and VVOLVEN’s first demons… I mean demos that will be released in early 2023. Rest assured quality is the number 1 part in all of this and I’m promising you rawness and emotion, unlike anything I’ve done in the past.  

11/16/2022 – Launching the subsite here on lordfrederick.me and making a lot of new content to be released very soon. There is so much to come and so much to do here… stay tuned… \m/