VVOLVEN is extreme black/death metal best described as a “Nihilistic hellscape,” founded in 2022 by D3d to express his anger and rage in a constructive and destructive way simultaneously. VVOLVEN is an exploration of the shadow, the darkest recesses of the mind, a journey into the mouth of madness and depravity. D3d said;

“VVOLVEN is primal, animalistic, nihilistic, it is how a lot of people feel but instead wear a pretty little mask to conceal it, VVOLVEN is devoid of such masks.”

VVOLVEN rejects any spiritual notions of being “Satanic,” and instead refers to itself as “Barbaric Audible Nihilism,” and like a wolf tearing apart its prey, so does this project tear through societal acceptabilities. Expect the first release by VVOLVEN in early 2023!

A statement from the pack Alpha