Mental health – The Cook Casefiles

Obligatory conscious subconscious iceberg

I’ve been a mental health facilitator and advocate since 2017 and have logged in easily and conservatively 400+ hours of fieldwork and client-based work since then. I am licensed and certified in numerous aspects of mental well-being, but I tell most I am a licensed Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist because saying;

I am capable, licensed, learned, and certified in/as the following;

  • TFT/CFT tapping master
  • Master Hypnotist
  • Master hypnotherapist and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
  • Gestalt Psychotherapist
  • Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner
  • Cognitive behavior therapy certified
  • Licensed Acupressurist 
  • Master Herbalist
  • Reiki Master (Western and traditional Japanese Dr. Mikeo Usui styles) 
  • Stress management counselor
  • Strategic life coaching

…and I am constantly adding to my mental and physical health toolset!

Below are articles I’ve written, based directly on the hundreds of casefiles of clients I have spoken with, seen, and helped, that I believe might help more people. 

Casefile number # 141 – What you hate is a reflection of you

Casefile number # 12 – Fear of the unknown

Casefile number # 47 – Your dreams and how to reach for them

Casefile number # 3 – Living a life of meaning

Casefile number # 1 – Who are you?

Casefile number # 70 – Living Vs. Surviving