Whoop whoop!

Juggalos come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, races, religions, nationalities, and the like but we are all brought together, bound as one, through the bonds of our love for all things Psychopathic Records, and Juggalo artists. Let it be known though, there are many Jugg Nations, but we’re all united as one, many small families of los and lettes, united in the bigger umbrella of the dark carnival. You see this exemplified in the yearly gathering, where Juggalos from around the world gather as one mind, body, and spirit, to celebrate the dark carnival together. 

Alike, we throw up our signs out of love and celebration, out of acceptance of our uniqueness and freakness, our unity with one another, and our joy of being a Juggalo. Juggalo Nation(s) is an inward home, a place inside of each of us where we belong with each and every other real Juggalo across the planet, like having a tribe that accepts us, no matter who we are. No Pedos or Juggahoes welcome!!!

Real Los and Lettes look out for one another, take care of each other and want each other to have a good time, with the unwritten laws of no hurting your fellow los or lettes in any way, and help your fellow los and lettes whenever possible. Real Juggalo shit is what makes someone a member of the Juggalo Nation, not buying shit or acting a certain way…