The Twiztid fiasco n my take

I was hurt when Twiztid left Psychopathic Records, but they didn’t leave Juggalos, they took quite a few artists from Psychopathic with them too, but they didn’t leave Juggalo world behind. Twiztid did some pretty underhanded things to ICP, but they felt like ICP and Psychopathic Records did them dirty, so in their eyes, it was retaliation… 

Two wrongs don’t make a right, no matter whether one of the wrongs was perceived or real, and Juggalos should not be divided, especially while so much of the world is against us today. If you’ve followed the beef for any amount of time you know it has gotten ugly af… and Juggalos have been caught in the middle and often have foolishly taken sides. I don’t play that division bullshit though… a Juggalo is a Juggalo is a Juggalo and a Juggalo band or project once, is forever a Juggalo band or project… period!

I don’t give a flying fuck if they are beefing or not, I will listen to all Juggalo artists, past, present, and those signed to Juggalo-owned labels… including both Psychopathic Records and MNE. I know in some Juggalo circles this is a hot-button issue, but for me personally, as an OG Juggalo, it’s a no-brainer to support Juggalo artists in their work, even if it offends the founders of the dark carnival on some level. Yet, on the flip side, I also will NEVER venture even an inch away from the Psychopathic family, no matter who leaves and forms, does, or says whatever about whoever… fuck that!

So, here’s my hot take on the split and all this shit… what do I think about it all…? I think it sucked that it hurt ICP and Psychopathic Records, but I honestly think it was a good thing for all of us to have more options in the Juggalo culture. More of what we love is always a good thing… right?!?!?