Q&A – I

I will be answering questions regarding my reviews and such in this multi-part Q&A from readers who have dropped me comments. 

Question from Bill A. San Antonio, Texas: Where are the bad reviews?

Answer: Thanks for the question Bill, as for the bad reviews, I tried to focus on the good ones to get this section going, but bad ones are coming I assure you. 

Question from Matt L. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Did you buy all of the things you’ve reviewed, and if not, how skewed was your review?

Answer: Thanks for the question and so far, yes I have personally purchased everything reviewed here, however, I am not averse to having things sent my way for review, as long as I can present an honest and fair review. For my address to send me something for review, use the “Contact us,” form found on this website or email me at fwcook1978@gmail.com and I’ll get you my address.

Question from Jonathan B.R. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Is what you review available in my country?

Answer: Thank you for the question and yes, so far I can tell you that everything here I’ve reviewed should be able to be gotten in your beautiful country. 

Question from Harry P. Dayton, Ohio: Dude, that seal is sick how can I get one for my guitar?

Answer: Thank you for the question, unfortunately, I don’t sell stickers of the seal at all, I just give them out to products so businesses selling the products can use it officially to show it’s gotten my approval.

Question from Karen M. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Is ___ good for beginners?

Answer: Thanks for the question Karen, yes, everything here unless otherwise stated or without my seal on it, is decent for beginners. 

Question from Albert W. Newark, New Jersey: Bro, would you review band albums too, I think that would be sick to have the approval of an actual Lord.

Answer: Thank you for your question and yeah, I decided that I’d review bands and projects albums, thanks to your question, so double thanks to you my friend!

Question from Yani Gumburdo from Schenectady, New York: Have you thought of doing a YouTube channel to do reviews?

Answer: Thanks for the question and yes, originally I was going to, but then due to my being confined to a chair most of the day and night, I have to pick and choose what I put my time into. Right now I’m focused on music, art, writing, and poetry, atop working on the website. Add all of that up with having four kids and some minor royal duties, and my time is very limited honestly. I may go to video at some point in the future, but for now, there just isn’t enough time.