Ladies and gentles, lads and lassies, we… are in a golden age of inexpensive, yet decent quality instruments… can I get an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen?

Picture this, I’m online looking at instruments and I see an ad for a company called Glarry with that gorgeous beast pictured above in the advertisement for only $99. I absolutely loved the look of the guitar (I know metalhead vibes are metal), but for $99 flat, shipped to my door within a week, I thought it was too good to be true, but still wanted it. I ordered it on a Friday and by Wednesday it was delivered, so… was it cheap or inexpensive?

First, let’s take a look at the specs;

Brand: Glarry

Style: Burning Fire

Orientation: Right-handed

Color: Black; White; Red; Sunset

Number of frets: 24

Nut width: 1.656 in.

Scale length: 25.5″

Number of strings: 6

Pick-up Style:Humbucker-Single-Humbucker

Guitar Bridge System: Tremolo

Controls: 5-switch, 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone

Body Material: Basswood

Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

Neck Material: Maple

Strings Material: Nickel-plated carbon steel

Dimensions: (37.01 x 12.80 x 2.36)”(L x W x H)

Weight: 6.17lb

I immediately opened the box when it arrived and began fine tooth-combing over the instrument, which had the exact fit and finish as in the pictures above and was actually incredibly nice. The colors were deep and the high gloss body was very nicely done, then I ran my hand down the neck to find the frets were also nicely done, with no spouts and only a light coating on the neck, giving it a natural look and fast, playable feel. All of the hardware was tight and “as advertised,” and the intonation was already set, it literally just needed tuning to be played out of the box. 

If you’re looking for a first guitar, a modding platform, a good practice guitar, or a guitar you can gig with… this honestly might suit all of those needs and more. Now, let me say this, the pots, bridge, tuners, nut, and strings are each cheap, but I tossed some Ernie Ball Slinkies on it, sanded the neck even finer with 0000 steel wool, went over the fret wire with the same steel wool and it is highly playable (and enjoyable) and really amazing for $99. If I brought the cheapest of components and an empty body and neck I couldn’t put together a guitar this nice for $99, let alone shipped so fast!

I chose the sunset coloration because I like seeing the wood grain on my instruments and this guitar did not disappoint me one bit. The grain of the wood peering out from behind the red and yellow fading into the black is absolutely magnificent!

When it comes to inexpensive guitars, Glarry is among the lowest priced, yet I would EASILY and confidently recommend their instruments to anyone, bar none. So I am giving Glarry’s burning fire guitar;

There is now an upgraded model of this guitar as well, with Wilkinson pickups, a bone nut, and a Canadian maple neck and fretboard… but even the basic model I have is an incredible value. I plan on getting the burning fire bass guitar next (for a matching set) and making some nice upgrades to the guitar I have in the near future as well. A bone nut, some locking tuners, and maybe a Wilkinson bridge, perhaps even adding Wilkinson pickups and pickup covers to it are in that little lady’s future… oh yes… it will be done!

Here I am with my new baby!

You can buy this guitar here, and I make $0 off of the sale and brought the guitar myself (they didn’t send me it for review).