D.A.R.K. AKA Down Ass Rydas Kliq is a tight-knit group of Juggalos and Juggalettes who exemplify what being a Lo or Lette is and are down to ride to the death and in life for one another. We are founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by me, Feezy C, an OG Juggalo who believes that Los and Lettes now, owe it to one another to be down tighter than a crabs ass, especially when the world is against us more than ever. 

They call us losers… they call us crazies… they call us psychopathic… they call us freaks… they call us a gang… they label us an outcast of society and shit on us. We are that big, fat middle finger to all of those bitches and juggahoes and we give them a reason to be afraid of the D.A.R.K.!

We are a true Juggalo family, down with the clowns, till we’re dead in the ground!

Every Lo and Lette who is genuine, down af, and lives the life is welcome to ride with us proudly, without restriction… and in fact, our only requirement is being a true lo or lette, nothing more or less. Our code of conduct… our motto in D.A.R.K. is;

“We never hurt one another, we never betray the dark carnival, and we always support real Juggalos and Juggalettes, down for life, bound till death!”

“We will never die alone
Juggalos will carry on
Swing our hatchets if we must
Each and every one of us!”