…and a Juggalo too

Let me get a, “whoop whoop,” los and lettes, yes I am also atop many other things, a Juggalo, and an OG from the late 90s at that. I have been a fan of horror since I was around five years old and first saw Night of the Living Dead on Halloween, and grew up in the hood, on and during the rise of hip hop in Philadelphia, the birthplace of gangsta rap with the legend Schoolie D. ICP was different, it was crazy, it was horror infused hip hop, and it introduced me to horrorcore and Natas and Esham, and countless others who are legends in it. 

Horrorcore became my side-by-side music with hip-hop, gothic, punk, thrash metal, death metal, and Norwegian black metal interspersed to fill out the playlists throughout my day. After a while, I listened to more and more mixed music fragmented and spotty with favorite tracks bands, and specific albums, but my focus became goth, black metal, hip hop, and horrorcore. I grew older and found myself again slimming down my focus, I listened to less black metal, I stopped listening to much mainstream hip hop at all, and in horrorcore, my focus became laser-focused on Psychopathic records artists, who have in my opinion, always been the platinum standard in whoop whoopism!

I started in Philly, moved to AZ for ten years, then to North Carolina for three years, then back to the city of brotherly love, Juggadelphia, PA. Now, I have a wife, and four kids, I’m old (45), use a walker to get around because of a rare spinal disease, and most importantly… I still have mad mother fruckin’ wikked clown love!!!

I have given so much deliberation to this shit over the years; I’ve met so many Juggahoes, and I’ve been a solitary lo for a long time, but there are too many good lo’s and lette’s to keep me like that honestly. Meeting others since then has been difficult being a father, as well as being handicapped, but I have been trying. So, I have been more open to finding others who are truly down-ass mofos who have clown love!

Can I get a whoop whoop?!?!?

I have four kids, a wife, and I am a professional who combats extremism (racist extremists) who is on call 24/7, so I can never go to a full-on gathering sadly…

…however, I may be able to plan a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ in the city of brotherly love Juggadelphia… a mini-gathering of sorts!

I would like to find others to help in the planning first though, but I have dozens of ideas swirling in my brain currently and I think they would make it a dope mini-gathering for the tri-state area, truly putting the Illadel on the Juggamap as much as the D or the West Coast has been. 

I’ve also been thinking of several Juggalo projects as well, not music related, but related to helping lo’s and lettes… such as a mentor program for young lo’s and lettes, monthly/bi-monthly meetups, neighborhood outreach, and community programs to help out. Let’s get together and make this ish a reality… whoop whoop! MMFWCL!