Oh, it’s been updated alright!

So… I mentioned I’d be updating this website annnnnnnd, oh, it’s been updated alright!

Take a look around, everything is… more. The new design is once again clean and simple as intended, yet still aesthetically pleasing. There’s new content everywhere herein, and new pages as well. New images, images have been cleaned up and specially prepared to represent the glorious nation of Newfredland. The overhaul of this website is 100% approved by the Newfredland government and 97.3% approved by its citizenry. 

So much more is coming very soon… including a YouTube channel…… 🙂

Big update on the way!!!

Hey hey, Shalom, and peace everybody, 

It’s been quite a bit of time since I last posted here, but life had gotten extremely busy and several new things came up that kept me from updating here. That’s all still going on, but it’s becoming easier to deal with, giving me more time and focus to update this website. Next month is the 1-year anniversary of founding this site and I decided to go full throttle in updating it, both in content and in aesthetics. There are going to be several major changes coming to this site, which I had planned to coincide with my birthday in July, but things came up and they didn’t have a chance to materialize. 

Starting today, this website is under construction, until a time when I feel it is as I want it to stay for a while, which can in fact take a bit. This site has looked this way for a year, a massive update as I’m undertaking should be able to stand for another year. 

So what has gone one that has been so time-consuming?

A job with Beyond Barriers as an Associate Director, working on forming a corporation based around tikkun olam (repairing the world) and mental health, more sketching to help improve my painting abilities, deep studies into Judaism, Mussar, and Kaballah, my back and knees almost leaving me a cripple unable to barely walk (still ongoing), getting on an amazing Keto diet that has fixed my prediabetes (I now have fully normal blood sugar levels) and has helped me lose a lot of weight, celebrating the Jewish holidays for my families first time, so much more…

So….. yeah, you can say it got busy and a bit hectic, but nothing I cannot handle with grace, flair, and a healthy dose of laughter… oh yeah, and massive support from friends and family! 

So thank you for staying with me during all of this, I promise big changes here are coming… stay tuned.

A little update

I haven’t updated this site in a few days, so I wanted to do a brief one for those who check this site out. I haven’t updated here because I’ve been sick (stomach bug), coupled with not a lot of news over the past few days. So here is a little update on what’s happening…

I am reworking the entire structure and website for my wellness business star of dawn wellness. I have had some major, life-altering ideas to better serve my clients with it and I want to immediately begin building on them. These are very exciting times for us!

I am also awaiting my AncestryDNA results, which are in the DNA extraction phase at the moment. It should be a week or two before I have the final results, but once I do, I will post them here. I am nervous and excited to see what they find, mainly because I’ve never known my father or his side of the family (though I have it on the family tree on Ancestry). 

My art website is also getting a makeover, mainly in the way my art is presented and with an only shop to buy pieces. After selling over 200 pieces of art, all originals, around the world, I see this to be an important step to take in sharing my works. 

Finally, I got a new fitness watch, by MorePro and it is phenomenal in keeping track of my workouts and exercises, sleep, and walking. $50 on Amazon and I absolutely love it, my wife and kids want one too. 

I just finished my first virtual race!


I just finished my first virtual race! I did the battle miles 2miler, 20 burpees, which was 1 mile, 10 burpees, 1 mile 10 burpees. Now if you know me, you know I have a badly injured spine (and still workout through the pain), and today…I did it in 9 minutes, 5 seconds. I am so proud of myself honestly…

Five months ago I would have half died and not been able to complete this challenge, after 3-4 months of working out, I’m looking at 5k runs and bike rides!

Virtual races are really amazing fun, and at the end you’re getting a medal that says you completed it. My first medal is on the way, I am planning on getting many more in the future and building up a collection. This is my midlife crisis and I couldn’t have picked a better one honestly!

About five months ago I was all about fitteness pizza in my face, now I am about fitness, for myself and to inspire my kids to a healthy lifestyle. I have gotten told, “You’re going to die anyway, why waste your time,” but it’s not about death, it’s about living!

I want to be able to walk and jog into my 60’s and 70’s, to be healthy and fit to eliminate a lot of health conditions. I want to live my best life, not a half-life of being hardly able to walk or to have a ton of avoidable health conditions. I do it for my kids, for my wife (who also works out), but most of all I do it for myself.

Every mile on my bike, a pump of weights, swing of the kettlebell, and kick in martial arts is for me, to be a better version of me. I have my four kids and my wife, the lovely Lady Samantha, behind me cheering me on, so I know I can tackle anything!


News from Newfredland

During the covid-19 epidemic, I have been building upon our workout facilities here in Newfredland. We have weight machines, exercise bikes, kettlebells, dumbells, martial arts, workout classes involving dance, and bodyweight exercises. It has grown exponentially because our belief is that health and fitness are paramount to a healthy society, and staving off both the effects of aging and other health maladies. We urge all of you to take a proactive position in your health, wellness, and fitness.

With our foundational documents all written out, signed, and sealed, Newfredland is officially established, our next step is to set up a stand-alone website to mark our territories. We’re also looking to have flags printed, money printed, stamps and passports printed. A lot is happening rather quickly, and we’re all very excited to see this to fruition. 

Aside from that, I’ve been diligently working to create an online martial arts program for everyone, with the ability to test for belts and get corrections quickly. This will be a part of our health and fitness sector here in Newfredland, but it will be open to everyone. This will be yet another big project for Newfredland, one that we’re very proud of!

I have been playing the cajon a lot lately, for those that don’t know what a cajon is, it is an Afro-Peruvian drum that resembles a wooden box. The picture above is the exact model I have and it is absolutely amazing!