I just finished my first virtual race!


I just finished my first virtual race! I did the battle miles 2miler, 20 burpees, which was 1 mile, 10 burpees, 1 mile 10 burpees. Now if you know me, you know I have a badly injured spine (and still workout through the pain), and today…I did it in 9 minutes, 5 seconds. I am so proud of myself honestly…

Five months ago I would have half died and not been able to complete this challenge, after 3-4 months of working out, I’m looking at 5k runs and bike rides!

Virtual races are really amazing fun, and at the end you’re getting a medal that says you completed it. My first medal is on the way, I am planning on getting many more in the future and building up a collection. This is my midlife crisis and I couldn’t have picked a better one honestly!

About five months ago I was all about fitteness pizza in my face, now I am about fitness, for myself and to inspire my kids to a healthy lifestyle. I have gotten told, “You’re going to die anyway, why waste your time,” but it’s not about death, it’s about living!

I want to be able to walk and jog into my 60’s and 70’s, to be healthy and fit to eliminate a lot of health conditions. I want to live my best life, not a half-life of being hardly able to walk or to have a ton of avoidable health conditions. I do it for my kids, for my wife (who also works out), but most of all I do it for myself.

Every mile on my bike, a pump of weights, swing of the kettlebell, and kick in martial arts is for me, to be a better version of me. I have my four kids and my wife, the lovely Lady Samantha, behind me cheering me on, so I know I can tackle anything!

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