News from Newfredland

During the covid-19 epidemic, I have been building upon our workout facilities here in Newfredland. We have weight machines, exercise bikes, kettlebells, dumbells, martial arts, workout classes involving dance, and bodyweight exercises. It has grown exponentially because our belief is that health and fitness are paramount to a healthy society, and staving off both the effects of aging and other health maladies. We urge all of you to take a proactive position in your health, wellness, and fitness.

With our foundational documents all written out, signed, and sealed, Newfredland is officially established, our next step is to set up a stand-alone website to mark our territories. We’re also looking to have flags printed, money printed, stamps and passports printed. A lot is happening rather quickly, and we’re all very excited to see this to fruition. 

Aside from that, I’ve been diligently working to create an online martial arts program for everyone, with the ability to test for belts and get corrections quickly. This will be a part of our health and fitness sector here in Newfredland, but it will be open to everyone. This will be yet another big project for Newfredland, one that we’re very proud of!

I have been playing the cajon a lot lately, for those that don’t know what a cajon is, it is an Afro-Peruvian drum that resembles a wooden box. The picture above is the exact model I have and it is absolutely amazing!


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