Covid-19 in da house

So, my daughter got sent home from the school for the deaf here in Philadelphia, then we got an email from the school, she has been in direct contact with someone who had covid-19 in her classroom. A few days passed and presto… I am sick with most of the primary symptoms and we’re quarantined for fourteen days. I feel like a walking corpse, but, today is my eldest son’s birthday and the show must go on!

Covid-19 is no joke, but neither is my son’s 13th birthday and so we’re gonna party like I’m not a dead man walking lol This day is a day that we will not soon forget and I’ll make it memorable for him no matter what it takes. 

My next charity run and update

Charity race

As many know I have been doing virtual races to keep in shape and let’s face it, in the age of Covid-19, it’s the safest way to race. My next race is coming up March, 1st, 2021 in the form of the American Shamrock Race, which benefits St. Jude’s Children’s research hospital. This is a Nationwide event and for a cause that couldn’t be better to support. 

If you want to show your support, click the link above and enter, you can walk, run, and even cycle your way to the finish line. It’s a great way to help others, get in shape, and get some really awesome swag at the same time!

More Ancestry information

Through uploading my raw DNA to a few other services, I’ve found out even more regarding my ancestry, and it’s amazing. 

When it comes to ancient cultures, a majority of my ancestors were Celts and Gauls. I also share 97% of my DNA with Cheddar man, the oldest body found in the United Kingdom (7,150 B.C.). 

A little update

I haven’t updated this site in a few days, so I wanted to do a brief one for those who check this site out. I haven’t updated here because I’ve been sick (stomach bug), coupled with not a lot of news over the past few days. So here is a little update on what’s happening…

I am reworking the entire structure and website for my wellness business star of dawn wellness. I have had some major, life-altering ideas to better serve my clients with it and I want to immediately begin building on them. These are very exciting times for us!

I am also awaiting my AncestryDNA results, which are in the DNA extraction phase at the moment. It should be a week or two before I have the final results, but once I do, I will post them here. I am nervous and excited to see what they find, mainly because I’ve never known my father or his side of the family (though I have it on the family tree on Ancestry). 

My art website is also getting a makeover, mainly in the way my art is presented and with an only shop to buy pieces. After selling over 200 pieces of art, all originals, around the world, I see this to be an important step to take in sharing my works. 

Finally, I got a new fitness watch, by MorePro and it is phenomenal in keeping track of my workouts and exercises, sleep, and walking. $50 on Amazon and I absolutely love it, my wife and kids want one too. 


News from Newfredland

During the covid-19 epidemic, I have been building upon our workout facilities here in Newfredland. We have weight machines, exercise bikes, kettlebells, dumbells, martial arts, workout classes involving dance, and bodyweight exercises. It has grown exponentially because our belief is that health and fitness are paramount to a healthy society, and staving off both the effects of aging and other health maladies. We urge all of you to take a proactive position in your health, wellness, and fitness.

With our foundational documents all written out, signed, and sealed, Newfredland is officially established, our next step is to set up a stand-alone website to mark our territories. We’re also looking to have flags printed, money printed, stamps and passports printed. A lot is happening rather quickly, and we’re all very excited to see this to fruition. 

Aside from that, I’ve been diligently working to create an online martial arts program for everyone, with the ability to test for belts and get corrections quickly. This will be a part of our health and fitness sector here in Newfredland, but it will be open to everyone. This will be yet another big project for Newfredland, one that we’re very proud of!

I have been playing the cajon a lot lately, for those that don’t know what a cajon is, it is an Afro-Peruvian drum that resembles a wooden box. The picture above is the exact model I have and it is absolutely amazing!



It’s new year’s eve 2020 and the world anxiously awaits its farewell to this past year. 2020’s been full of ups and downs, as we’ve all been in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone looks to the new year with optimism and hope’s to see some semblance of normality return to our daily lives. 

It’s been trying, but the new year promises the new potential for us all to escape this year’s issues and see to a brighter tomorrow. 

So we bid an unfond farewell to 2020, and welcome the new year with newfound resolve and hope. I wish you all a joyful, prosperous, and more connected 2021 <3