Goodbye 2020

2020 is closing out and has been an exceptionally difficult year for many people around the globe. Covid-19 has cost many people their connection with loved ones through the holidays, jobs, health, lives, and the lives of loved ones, and so much more. It has been a year wrought with fear and uncertainty, tragedy, and sadness.

Here we sit at the end of a year that will surely go down as a black mark in human history, alongside war, the plague, and countless other horrific events throughout human history. Worse (and most deplorably) still, many companies have turned the suffering of 2020 into a marketing campaign in their ads and commercials. I hope none of us forget the companies who turned our collective suffering into an ad campaign!

…but I digress…

Though we are separated, I’ve seen an outpouring of love and caring from people helping other people. We saw heroes arise in the form of essential and healthcare workers. Masks and social distancing became commonplace, sporting events were canceled or kept to none or minimal audiences.

The world… went… quiet!

A good many people have switched to working online, as well as many other things that could be done solely via the internet. Human ingenuity has played a massive role in keeping things moving as best as possible, especially in terms of utilizing the internet. Covid-19 has brought out both the best and the worst in humanity…

We watched humans trample one another for necessities, leaving the most vulnerable without. Then we saw humans join together to help one another, this is the dual nature of humanity I suppose, was walk contradictory. Every man for himself, but if they suffer, let us help…

It has been a confusing, stressful, angry, and sad time in our collective lives, but still, we push onwards and look to the future. We all want this illness to pass and pass it shall, and we shall attempt to pick up our lives and move forward. When it will pass, is anybody’s guess, but I can tell you that all of us are looking forward to putting 2020 behind us.

As we stand here today, days away from the new year, we are united in saying goodbye 2020, farewell, and good riddance. What 2021 holds in store for us is anyone’s guess, hopefully, some semblance of normalcy will return to us all. 

Goodbye 2020, n’ auld lang syne!

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