A new dawn

The sun sets, and the sun rises… whatsoever happens between the two becomes history. They so fervently admonish that “history is written by the winners,” and despite my many setbacks in life, if I am anything, I am a winner. So what am I getting at with this website, nothing… maybe everything, honestly I do not know, but my intentions are to hopefully influence others and to help build a better tomorrow for my four children and the whole of the human race. 

Some will see this website as nothing more than ego masturbation, but that cannot be further from the truth. Sure, this website will house my accomplishments and journey throughout life, but it will have so much more than just self-aggrandizement. I hope those looking, genuinely seeking something more, something better, a better way for us all, will find this website and truly sit and ponder what I am proposing and the things I mentioned here. 

No matter your reasoning for finding yourself perusing my website, I hope you are at least entertained, if nothing else. 

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