I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, even as a small child, I wrote my own stories and told ghost stories with friends. Over the years, I refined my craft and have written every single day since around twenty years old. I’ve read books on writing, I take constructive criticism and actually apply it, it is my most principle craft.

I’ve written a lot, in many genres from fiction (horror, fantasy, poetry) to non-fiction (the occult, here on this website, martial arts, on serial killers, firearms). My preferred genres are horror fiction, the occult, and poetry, but my writing gets around regardless. I write under the names Frederick Cook and (the name I also paint under) Frederick Ambrogio predominantly.

I was first published back in 2007 with the largest independent publisher in the world for my novel “The six orbs of destiny.” I was later published (2014) by the same publisher with my horror and poetry collection “The naked darkness.” The publisher closed down in 2016 and released the rights to my books back to me and in 2018 I self-published an expanded version of the naked darkness titled, “Inferno of souls,” to some acclaim.

Between my book releases, I released several articles with S&I Arsenal and Serial Killers Magazine. In 2018 I began writing Demonolatry the Ambrogio tradition, a series of occult books based on my 32 years of experience on the left-hand path. 

  • The Frederick Nagash anthology (out of print) limited run self-published via Cafepress back in 2005
  • The six orbs of destiny (fantasy novel)
  • The naked darkness (Horror and poetry collection)
  • Inferno of souls (Horror and poetry collection)
  • 5 articles with S&I Arsenal
  • 5 articles with Serial Killers Magazine
  • 3 occult books (Demonolatry the Ambrogio tradition series)