Recently I’d read an article by a Harvard professor on how humans aren’t hardwired for exercise and it struck a chord with me. I have been doing martial arts for 32 years as of writing this, but I’ve always been… chubby, mainly because I have always had a hard time getting starting in just working out. Humans aren’t meant to work out, we’re meant to go through life walking places, carrying things, and naturally developing health…

but today exercising is a necessity!

Through modern technology and convenience, the way we are hardwired to live has been automated and simplified, which means humans are more sedentary. Knowing this, exercise becomes something we must do to be healthy and fit and to avoid health issues throughout our lives. It goes against our nature, yes but it is a necessity!

Fighting our nature

Though it is against our nature to workout, we can and people do, fight against our nature. The trick is to build a habit, about a month of consistent working out will build your exercise routine into a habit. I myself am four months into consistently working out and my health has never been better!

So, how did I do it?

I started slow and low, kept the weights light, and did what I could cautiously, three times a week. After the first month, I increased it to five days a week and my weights increased and cardio too. Then my sons decided they wanted to do it too and that helped greatly because they wanted to work out together and I couldn’t just tell them I don’t want to.

Now we work out six days a week, a few times a day together and we’re all looking better, healthier, and more fit. I am entering virtual races and my martial arts have never been better. So my secret to defying the dread of getting started working out is to take it slow and stay consistent. 

Even if it’s ten minutes, three times a week, it’s more than a couch potato is doing, and remember, you’re building a habit, not trying to kill yourself. After a month or so, you’ll have a habit going and can add a little more and keep building on your habit. Consider it “you,” time, doing it for you, your health, and your wellbeing… also music helps a great deal.

Losing weight…

Dieting sucks, plain and simple, and dieting alone is not going to make you drop more than a little bit of weight, you need to work out. Depending on how much you work out, should dictate your dietary needs. A good meal plan should consist of a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. 

Working out, you need protein for muscles, both to grow and to heal, meanwhile carbs fuel you and give you energy (they also fill you up). Veggies give vital nutrients necessary to a strong and healthy body. You should eat a lot of protein, a moderate/lesser amount of carbs, and it’s open season on veggies. 

Don’t forget a good multi-vitamin! 

80% of all diets lack some nutrients, micronutrients, and macronutrients, so to truly balance your body, you should have a good multi-vitamin. Trying to get everything the human body needs each and every meal is a daunting and pleasureless task, so get a really should make vitamins a part of your morning routine. 

Finally, try to stay away from a lot of processed foods, mainly because they lack nutritional value and are more filler than fulfilling. Sometimes, processed foods can be wholly unhealthy, but in their more natural form, can be beneficial. This is just a tidbit to remember…