Life is not meant to be misery, it is not suffering, it is meant to be an adventure, to find joy, meaning, and happiness. Life is not meant for us to live, pay taxes, and die, otherwise living would be devoid of any substance and we might as well pray for one good meteor strike to help end it all. The question I then propose, is what is happiness?

This question is somewhat subjective, each individual is just that an individual, with their own perceptions of the world around them. What I enjoy and find happiness in, might seem quite droll to many others, however, there are universal things that make most of us happy as well. Herein I’d like to explore some of the universal things that bring joy into our lives, as well as talk a bit about what I find brings me happiness. 

My goal is to hopefully help individuals to find happiness in their own lives, to help make life truly worth living!

Everyone has someone they care about, even if it’s a fur baby/pet, you care about them and they can and often do become a source of happiness and if not, they don’t belong within your inner circle. Finding your tribe can seem like a daunting task, but with the advent of social media, doesn’t have to be difficult finding those with shared beliefs or interests as yourself. I have many friends around the globe that I’d met online, who are as close to me as family.

I mention it often that friends and family are at the cornerstone of my joy in life, they fill my heart with inspiration, happiness, and push me to do and be more in life. This is one of the first things which brings joy to my life, especially having a beautiful wife and four adorable children!

Music is another thing that fills me with joy, both listening to it and playing/writing it. Guitar, percussion, keyboard, piano, singing, midi, and beat making I love every minute of it, and listening to just about any genre of music is pure bliss for me. 

Art, reading, writing, poetry, crafts, and altogether creativity are other aspects of life that bring me insurmountable amounts of joy. There is nothing quite like having something in mind and seeing it come to fruition before you. This is a joy that is nearly indescribable to me, elation is too soft of a descriptor for it, period!

My work also makes me tremendously happy, being able to help others either through my therapy, hypnotherapy, life or couples coaching, or my martial arts classes brings me great joy. This is why I have chosen these fields of work for myself because they help others and in turn, they help me. I love changing lives, I absolutely adore it when someone has an “a-ha,” moment that they say changed their lives. 

Giving to others is what I do, it’s a part of who I am and who I will forever be. If you find yourself lonely or saddened, try giving of yourself to others and your spirits should be lifted by it. This is also a great way to meet new people, other givers and those in need will always appreciate the assistance you give. 

I also enjoy looking up recipes and archaeological discoveries online, of which there is never a short supply. Finding new healthy foods and preparations is a big part of our lifestyle, while I love learning about civilizations long lost to the ravages of time. These two things take up a decent amount of time and are infinitely beneficial to a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit.

Self-care is an act of self-love and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that another thing that brings me happiness is working out with my sons and getting fit. Not only is it great for my body and for inspiring my children to live a healthy life, but it’s also great for bonding and quality time spent with them. While my sons are only 11 and 12 as I write this, these memories will be something they will cherish and hopefully share with their own families when they’re older. 

We do not watch a lot of television, but we watch documentaries and streaming media once in a while to relax. Relaxing and decompression is another thing I love to do, especially when I can do so with my beautiful wife Lady Samantha. This is truly something that brings happiness to me…

So what is happiness itself, what does it mean to be happy? Happiness is a state of being in which you are content with life, content with living in each moment, and being happy is the byproduct of that state. Sure, it is a chemical reaction in the brain, but it is a powerful one that ultimately you are in control of. So what are some of the things that make you happy?