Virtual reality offers immersion unparalleled in virtual worlds, and it’s getting better and better, as well as most cost feasible by the day. Recently, I picked up Meta’s Oculus quest 2, and aside from gaming, I see a world of potential applications already coming to fruition…

…enter the metaverse!

So, the metaverse isn’t a game, it is a fully interactive experience where you meet people, play games together, have conferences, go to cyber clubs (yes you can even test out your comedy routines on open mic). Basically, what the metaverse offers is everything you do in the real world, but with avatars in a virtual world, where you see through your own eyes, shake hands, wave, dance, and see others doing the same. If you’re a homebody or just don’t get to go out a lot, the metaverse offers you worlds of opportunity to go out, from the comfort of your own home.

The metaverse isn’t a single place, no one company owns the metaverse, it’s all in the VR apps created and what they are created to do. You can go to a virtual NFT art gallery with an app, go to a regular VR art gallery with an app, hold business meetings with an app, go out and meet some new friends and interact with any one of dozens of apps, go to concerts or watch movies in a virtual theatre with friends, and much more. If you’re like me, using just a sliver of imagination and you can see so much potential in the metaverse!

I know for me and my wife, having four kids makes going out and meeting people very difficult, so the metaverse is a brilliant option to spend time together. Couple all of that with tons of fully immersive experiences and games, VR and the metaverse ARE the future of entertainment. Trust me when I say I am a techy and nerd and was hesitant to jump into VR and the whole metaverse craze, I cannot remember a time in my life without a computer of some sort, and VR and the metaverse are the real deal.

Now, I opted for the base model of the Oculus quest 2, which ran me $299 US, so the price point of opting-in isn’t too steep either. The pricier versions of VR units can run you $$$$ though, but the oculus quest is plenty enough for an entry point to get you into the VR and metaverse worlds. What we’re seeing now is only the ground floor of this, I guarantee there is so much more to come, so get in now and experience it all from the beginning!