The eyes which see, see not the pain
The eyes of me which see my bane
Oh eyes that see suffering profound
The sights of terrors that abound.
Oh eyes of mine that bear the weight
Of horrors no one can sedate
These eyes have seen the birth of man
And reckless hearts none understand.
These eyes have seen the end of all
From whence we rose and hence we fall
These eyes once shut shall not awake
For if they should this mind may break.
My eyes have seen atrocities
The foible and calamities
Yet they too have seen the ocean blue
And life as it has sprung anew.
Of all these things which I’ve perceived
Beyond the scope most can conceive
But one holds worse of all these things
The song of death as demons sing.
These tired eyes are dry and red
And yearn to plea for all the dead
Though tired eyes they burn and close
I hope these words are not disposed.
For listen now and listen clear
The times drags on year after year
And all we know and love will die
Forever closing tired eyes.