They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions
A parable of sin and darkness no one ever mentions
They say the road to hell is marked with golden roads
That the measure of a man is weighed in how much he can sow.
They say we’re all born into a sin of depravity
Without all their cleansing we fall into calamity
They say they know what is right from wrong for the masses
Painting pictures of their nightmares through rose-colored glasses.
They say the road we tread on knees will be a thorny path
So it’s better left to stand on foot and leave bodies in our aftermath
They say the road to hell is fraught with misconceptions
Wrought with those purchased through their apprehensions.
They claim the word is law and laws the word as its writ
But no one speaks the laws of men who live in squalid shit
The road to hell is paved with swollen corpses
Solidified with words by those whose thrones are so remorseless.
They say the road we trudge must be one of tragedy
A play written down long past without a thought of gravity
They say the road through hell will lead us to our paradise
But what of those whose pain becomes their ever-living vice?
They claim we all grow through suffering and darkness
But what seeds grow from anguish might not be what they profess
They said the road to hell is deep within all humanity
But those who speak of things unknown do so out of vanity.
The road to hell is here and it is now this very moment
It’s the culmination of every lie society can foment
The road to hell is the here and now this day
Hell is where we are when our humanity has frayed.