Fires raging embers smoldering,
Explosions and screams setting men ablaze,
Sanguine streaming frontline holding,
Thoughts so clouded in blackened haze.
Shots ring out the trumpets blare,
Immortal wounds left in the mind,
Lives destroyed and left to bear,
The weight of death that’s left behind.
The blood and limbs strewn all about,
The mouth of hell stands well agape,
No room for remorse or doubt,
Bodies no longer resemble their shape.
Friends are killed fathers are lost,
Brothers are slain and families shattered,
No one winning as lines are traversed,
Around the fields of war they frost.
With every man their mind is cursed,
A memory of those horrible sights,
The sounds of dying men dispersed,
The scents which flood that terrible night.
As warriors live and warriors died,
So that others may not know their pain,
As their families weep and dry,
Let them not suffer all in vain.