It is Christmas eve 2020 and tomorrow is the first pandemic Christmas most of us have ever experienced. Many families and friends will not be able to gather as they normally would have, and everything and everyone is held at the mercy of this virus. Though we may all be separated, kept away from one another out of fear of this illness, we are not apart. 

The spirit of giving is alive and well, the spirit of love and connection with those we love is still as strong as ever. Phones will be buzzing, video chats and calls, love will still be spread, hearts will still touch, even when the body cannot. This holiday season has been, is very different, but the love, caring, and connection amongst one another is still there. 

Covid-19 may have dealt the world a horrific blow, it may have taken many from us, sickened even more, but it will not win. So long as we cling to that which matters most; family, friends, love, giving of ourselves to others, this sickness will not win!


I myself had Covid-19 in early March of this year, many of my friends had it, several passed away and will never be forgotten. This year we can honor their memories, we can honor all of their memories, by giving to others, loving one another, and celebrating the season the best we can. Whether or not we are together or far, our hearts are as close as ever.

I can promise you this, the saying, “it’s always darkest before the dawn,” stands as adamant truth. The darkness we’ve all been dealt is finite, it has an end, and the end is near for this horrible illness, I can assure you as much. 

Peace, joy, and love to all of you…
Merry Christmas!

Yule/Winter Solstice 2020

Our holiday 2020


Firstly, I want to wish everyone a blessed winter solstice and a festive Yule, from me and my family to yours. It was an eventful and fun-filled day at our residence starting from the moment everyone awoke. We baked tons of snacks, we had a traditional ham dinner (30 lbs), which the recipe came by way of my dearly departed grandmother and 

Presents were a huge hit, with all four of our kids screaming and my sons literally shedding tears of joy. My sons, AJ (12 years old) and Gabriel (11 years old) both received cell phones for the first time and have been on them since they opened them!

We’re all winding down and once the little ones are in bed, Sam and I will hold a holiday ritual and observe the grand conjunction taking place between Jupiter and Saturn, before we enjoy some wonderful wine to finish up the evening. A splendid end, to a marvelous winter solstice celebration.


Our fiber optic Christmas tree this year

Me alongside my children (Sam took the photo) 


Yuletide cheers

I just wanted to take a moment out of the day to wish everyone a joyous Hannahka, Yule, Winter Solstice, Midvinterblot, Christmas, and whatever else someone might celebrate this time of year. Tis the season of the long night, round your families, friends, give of yourself to others you love, feast and be merry. Think of those less fortunate than us, and should you have it, give to those in need.

These are universal truths this time of the year, the spirit of giving, peace, love, hope can be found throughout all the known world. It is a palpable feeling that transcends cultures, society, religion… it is something inherently beautiful that taps at the core of our humanity. 

Yet, sadly our world is caught in the grips of a horrible pandemic, and gatherings and festivities have been halted around the world. Humanity is separated, held apart, and told that we cannot and should not engage with one another.

We are held apart, but never have we been more together!

I have seen neighbors shoveling snow for other neighbors out of the kindness of their spirit. People dropping off gifts on doorsteps and even caroling held with social distancing kept in mind. Make no mistake about it, humans may be separated, but none of us are alone, none of us suffer if we do not all suffer. 

Yuletide cheer is here, whether or not we’re hugging one another or keeping a distance. We have found ourselves spreading love and joy in any way we can muster up the ingenuity to do so. We cannot and will not let COVID-19 halt the love and compassion of the holiday season, this much is certain. 

So from me and mine to you and yours, I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays this season.