My award of arms

I awoke today having to sign for a parcel that came via royal mail to the United States. I quickly tore open the box to find a folder and a tube. I first looked into the folder to find all of my documentation recognizing me as a lord, second in the tube, I found an award of arms.

My award of arms and lordship are absolutely gorgeous and something I will cherish for decades to come. Now to frame and hang them… they are odd widths and lengths, so it will be no small task. Today has been a grand day in my life and one I will not soon forget!

I also received a Solstice present from a very good friend of mine (yes the mail is that slow at the moment) in the form of a huge Viking king’s chain and a thor’s hammer. Though I am not a member of the Asatru community, I have always admired the hammer as a symbol of strength and power. Knowing the uphill climb my life has been all of these years, strength and power is something I’ve had to call on many times. 

I have now made it my goal to bike 10k each and every day, sometimes 15k depending on how I feel. I am capable of doing a 10k ride in 19 minutes, which I’m very proud of. I am planning on entering many more virtual races to earn medals, to keep the inspiration going too!