Greetings and peace,

Although we have no laws stating these truths, we, as the royal family of Newfredland add two promises to our citizenry. These two important aspects of good leadership cannot be promised by many world leaders, so they are a gift to Newfredland citizens new and old alike. We hereby pledge to you all and promise “clarity,” and “transparency,” in everything that we do for Newfredland and its citizens. Allow me to clarify…

Clarity promises that nothing written, no laws, no official documents, etcetera will be out of the scope of regular citizens to comprehend. Everything within Newfredland will be written purposefully to allow everyone to understand their rights, the founding of our glorious nation, any new changes that come, and everything in between. 

Transparency promises open and honest governing, which stands by our motto of “equality and freedom.” No law will be sprung, no edict, no change without the citizenry of Newfredland being informed first. Our governmental operations shall be transparent and citizens will always be able to speak their minds regarding anything, long before it is put to vote. 

This official statement of the Royal family of Newfredland may be held counter to anything the citizenry feels contradicts these statements. 

Lord Frederick W. Cook
King of Newfredland