The internet is in-fact virtual space, which houses representations, entire musical careers, office meetings, colleges, banking, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, shopping for items and groceries, and the like. It is as real as anything you could physically touch. I met my wife online, and we’ve been together for twelve years, have four children, and have been married for two years happily. The world’s collective knowledge is online, taking seconds to access it via google or another search engine. 

The internet has a life of its own and ownership over space on the internet, is no different than property ownership…period! 

I own this property and soon will own a website dedicated solely to Newfredland, thereby giving our fledgling micronation its own virtual land and property. This new “land,” will be home to Newfredland, it will be something for all of our citizens to share in and interact with. 

A nation online and off

Built upon the strength of our current, modern, and internet-addicted world, this is in our opinion, the best course of action. We can operate and exist anywhere in the connected world, bringing a sense of connectedness to every citizen. We are one… one nation… one people!

When you become a citizen within Newfredland, you can take pride in the fact that everyone has the same laws, we all live by the same tenets and developed a culture based on freedom, truth and equality. 

Apart but connected

Apart from one another yes, separate never!

We may be from around the globe, but we are united in our dreams, hopes, and belief in a better world and a better way of life. I may be 5,000 miles from you, but if you’re a citizen, we are together, close as we can be. This is the promise of Newfredland, to find new and creative ways to stay together, as one people.

Online events will soon be fairly common to celebrate Newfredland together as well, so stay tuned.