The following documents were ratified by the citizenry of Newfredland and signed into immediate action by his Majesty Lord Frederick W Cook on December, 20th, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was an all-important milestone in establishing Newfredland as sovereignty and solidifying the codified documentation to lay the groundwork of Newfredland. 

What the documents establish for our nation

The founding documents located herein, form the corpus of Newfredland, in operations, laws, and establishing a national identity. Within the founding documents lay bare all of our principles, tenets, political philosophies, and our desire to see Newfredland grow and become its best. These evolving tools we call our “Founding documents,” will face minor changes, new additions to the articles, new additions to the existing framework, and more. 

What the documents do not establish for our nation

These living documents, though ever-evolving, do not establish a national culture for Newfredland. The documents do not establish any formal adoption of belief, nor any restriction thereof, for a reason. We are all free citizens in Newfredland, equal and endowed with both natural and acknowledged rights. Understanding this fully, these documents do not grant or give a citizen of Newfredland rights, they only acknowledge them. 

“We are all entitled to be free in as far that our freedom does not infringe on the freedom of another citizen. Our rights only end when we restrict the rights of another! – Lord Frederick W. Cook”