These frequently asked questions have been compiled from correspondences over the last year of our existence. This section will be in a state of constant construction, as we add more and more questions and answers herein. 

Q: Wait, are you for real?

Absolutely, but the level of seriousness one puts towards Newfredland is open to all interpretations. The royal family and some citizens believe it is very serious, some of our citizens just think it’s fun and a sort of hobby, all are right. If you’re joining for the reason of hobby/fun, or if you’re joining to be a part of something, or even if you’re joining because you believe in what we stand for, you’re all welcome!

Just remember this, you will be a dual citizen, meaning that you will still live where you are and need to follow all applicable laws. 

Q: How much does citizenship cost?

Let me calculate this real fast 1×7 then add 11% tax, minus a 5$ chipotle gift card, and citizenship is 100% free. Now, if you wanted printed documents, a passport, or whatever, that would cost you for the item(s), but your citizenship here is free. 

Q: Is this a scam?

Nope, we’re legit, in fact, we’re too legit to quit (MC Hammer reference noted). I’m an expert on scams, just send us $19.99 and we’ll tell you about them all 🙂 Lord Frederick and Newfredland are very real and aren’t out to take anyone’s hard-earned wages…period!

Q: What does dual citizenship mean?

Dual citizenship simply means that you can live in your home country or in Newfredland at any time and are recognized as a citizen in good standing of both. When in either country, you still must respect their laws and customs.

Q: Are the royals of Newfredland actually royalty?

Yes, Lord Frederick has traced his lineage through DNA and historical records, directly to the high kings of Tara (County Meath) in Ireland, in which his family holds claim over the castle there. Both he and Samantha are recognized as Lord and Lady of the small town of Ardmore, and the first King and Queen of Newfredland. 

The royal family currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as they await the building of their permanent palace in Michigan. 

Q: I have a criminal record in my past, can I become a citizen?

This is on a crime-to-crime basis, in which we look at many factors of the individual and the crime they committed. That being said, if you’re a smooth criminal (MJ reference…jamone) you’re in, but we hold a few offenses as irreprehensible and immediately blackball those who have committed them. These are;

  • Rape
  • Pedophilia
  • Murder
  • Animal cruelty

All other offenses will still be held in consideration for citizenship, without prejudice. People change, and we’re hopeful that every individual who has committed a wrong changes their ways and perceptions. We do not judge others but must ensure the safety of each and every citizen of Newfredland. 

Q: What about politics?

Newfredland is a monarchy that oversees the day-to-day operations, they also install new members of the government, citizens, nobles, and knights of Newfredland. Within Newfredland, we do not discuss any outside politics that are not directly involved with Newfredland. 

Q: Do you use titles in Newfredland?

We do, titles to us separate those who do more within our nation, from those who are less active. Though some may hold titles, they are not better than our basic citizenry and all must abide by the laws of Newfredland. Our titles are;

  • King and Queen
  • Prince(s) and Princess(es) – Children of the King and Queen.
  • Lords and Ladies – Nobles
  • Sir and Madam – Knights

Q: What about religion?

This is written directly into our founding documents, but I’ll elaborate here for the people in the back. All religions and no religion are welcomed within Newfredland and all are free to practice said religion or atheism as they will. We do not have a state-sponsored religion in Newfredland, nor do we put forward one way over another. 

Q: What can a citizen in Newfredland do with citizenship?

We have a lot of activities for citizens coming up shortly; chatrooms, online meetings via zoom, discussions, and input on all things Newfredland, help in projects to see our nation grow, newsletters, interaction with the Newfredland community, the ability to tell people they hold dual citizenship (their reactions are really fun to see), so much more…