Music is yet another thing I absolutely adore and also compose myself. I love literally every genre imaginable and have favorite bands and singers/songwriters in each. I grew up in the 1980’s listening to the rise of hip hop, then grew to love rock and metal genres, then everything else sort of fell into place.

Now, there is not a single genre imaginable that I cannot get down to and find joy in. From 2001 through 20010 I wrote and performed as D-Lux in the goth/industrial genres, through five albums and a single.

I myself play bass guitar, guitar, Cajon, keyboards, piano, program midi, and drums tracks, sing, and write lyrics, and I’m currently involved in two music projects. Aside from all of that, I also can pre and post-produce tracks of music and master them. More recently I have begun getting into percussion, namely hand drums such as the djembe, bongos, darbuka, and Cajon.

Music is a big part of my life, it inspires emotion, it pushes me in my workouts, and helps me through rough patches I might face. Music is the voice of the voiceless, the sound of revolution, an ode to joy and sorrow, it is all things of the human condition in one. Every funeral, wedding, reception, party, sporting event etcetera, you can and will find music. 

Every movie and play there’s music, it is almost inescapable, as music sets the mood and tone of nearly everything in our lives. Music truly is a part of us… So what is in the soundtrack of your life?