The September, 7th, 2019 wedding of Lord and Lady Cook

The Lord and Lady of Newfredland

Lord Frederick and Lady Samantha Cook were already lord and lady of Ardmore, Ireland, with a confirmable lineage stretching back to the high kings of Tara and Slane castle on the Tupper side of his lineage. Lord Frederick W. Cook can also trace his familial lineage to the clan Macgreggor in Ireland, on the Cook side of his lineage. So, when founding Newfredland, it seemed only proper to have a king and queen of Newfredland and a hereditary lineage to pass down through the generations.

As patriarch and matriarch of Newfredland, they actively engage in running the nation and seeing it grow to fruition (aka not a symbol or figurehead). They did not simply found Newfredland, the imperial royals run every operation within Newfredland as well. Although the Royal family created Newfredland and reign over its monarchy, they are subject to every law, penalty, and right as any other citizen. 

The Royal hobbies are music (Listening and playing), art, poetry, reading and writing, arts&crafts, science, gaming (board and video), record collecting, and outdoor adventures.

Commonly, King Cook is referred to as “his sovereign,” while Queen Cook is referred to as “her sovereign,” while together they are referred to as the “Sovereigns.”  Example: “The sovereigns were a delight and I loved her sovereign’s jewelry.” Though both are perfectly fine with lord or lady being used. 

Lord Frederick and the royal children circa 2020

The Royal Children

The royal children each have their own distinctive personalities, likes, and dislikes. They are the future of the royal legacy of Newfredland and the inspiration for many of our laws and practices. 

Prince Adrian is the oldest (thirteen years as of 2021) and tallest (nearly as tall as our sovereign lord) of the royal children. He has a passion for all things dinosaurs and a love of science. He enjoys creating incredible things out of clay, Minecraft, and gaming. 

The second oldest in the royal cabal (twelve as of 2021) Gabriel, is known for his distinctive red hair and green eyes. He is passionate about all things horror and slasher films, is an excellent young artist, and loves gaming. 

Princess Jocelyn is the eldest Royal daughter (seven as of 2021) and loves all things mermaid, unicorn, and princess. She has a passion and talent for cosmetology and watches hours of makeup and hair tutorials and tries them later. 

Princess Cordelia is the youngest of the young royals (five as of 2021), is the only royal with a head full of curls, and loves babydolls and Barbies. She loves art and arts and crafts and playing practical jokes on her brothers.