Many have heard the call, many more have laughed at it, and few have answered the call and become ‘Juggalo family’ and for that, most ask the question, what does that even mean? I’ve tried to answer the question, “What is a Juggalo,” to the best of my ability, but this question is even a bit more perplexing, because it forces us to ask ourselves, “What is family,” and asks us to reexamine and redefine the meaning of the word. defines family as;

  1. A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.
  2. All the descendants of a common ancestor.
That is the barebones generic definition that just about everyone in society would agree upon… but we can adopt children and they thus become family, so this definition is incomplete, and some room is left for reinterpretation… enter, Juggalo family!
Juggalo family are the people in our lives who mean something to us, those who have our backs when we are down and are there to celebrate with us when times are good. They are people we can depend on, trust, do things with, hang out with, enjoy the company of… in other words… Juggalo family are our homies. If you need help, or if they need help, you should be able to rely on one another, like family, and you should genuinely care about one another well well-being. Mentally, physically, monetarily if possible, food and housing if possible, however and whenever a Lo or Lette is in need, you help them and vice versa… that’s family!
We can’t sacrifice our own well-being (you can’t pour water from an empty jug) to save everyone, but when a homie is down and we can help, we damn well help!!! 
The Juggalo family for some, is the only family that they have left, and for some, it’s the only family that cares… for others, it’s extended family who are attached to their blood family that are close as can be with. The beauty of the Juggalo family is the individuality each lo and letter brings to it, whereas some are very straight-edge and family-oriented, and others like to smoke the devil’s lettuce and bang dirty hoes on Sunday night using Faygo Rock and Rye as lube, but they all have clown love, they are each respected as Juggalos and are seen as equal members of the family.
Juggalo family are oftentimes people you wish to spend time with during holidays, celebrations like birthdays and weddings, and the people you generally think of when you want to go to a big event like a concert, restaurant, vacation, or sports event. Juggalo family work together, play together, and sometimes live together, and honestly speaking, there’s nobody in a lo or lettes world who cause more genuine living/life to take place other than perhaps blood family/kids. 
Juggalo family are an important part of a lo or lette’s life and is the cornerstone of what being a Juggalo is all about.