Our glorious nation is in a perpetual state of development in that, it will forever be a work in progress, and will be developed on a continual basis. We recognize that much like human beings over time, the very times change and the needs of the citizenry will transform to meet the changing times of the people. Nothing within Newfredland or any other nation for that matter is perfect and without flaw, thereby our nation was founded to be living and changing as well. 

Our foundational documents, aspects of our nation overall, laws, nearly every aspect of Newfredland can change based on the common good of the citizenry. Citizens may petition for new laws and changes to be made, by contacting the Royal family through a “petition of action.” Every six months, ten petitions will be addressed and voted upon, and those received but not addressed, will travel to the next six-month vote. 

…but Newfredland’s development is not only through what is written…

Currently, as of 11/1/2021, we are developing other elements such as;

  • A Newfredland nation anthem, lyrics/vocals are in-development.
  • The design for the Nummus, our national currency; to be fully printed on currency-appropriate paper. 
  • Items for our citizenry; passports, physical paperwork, I.D.’s, certificates, etcetera.
  • A Royal Newsletter.

…and that isn’t all…

So, the catchword around Newfredland is “Developing,” as quite literally, everything is in development.