I don’t recognize you

I see this figure in the mirror
Familiar but different
Similar to me yet not
As if it were a friend with whom we’ve drifted apart.
This figure is but a shadow
Hollow and lifeless
Its form is unlike that of a human
This figure seems so broken and hopeless.
As tears trickle down its face
Its brow furling to hold back a deluge
I feel a sense of pity mixed with anger
For he and I are so similar and yet unalike.
I wonder why this figure exists
Its purpose, its form and function
I wonder if it has meaning as it stares back
I contemplate whether it should exist and if so why.
I gaze into that mirror which flatters not
A mirror that is a master of both truth and fallacy
I gaze long into the figure looking back
I see its hopes and dreams melt away like ice in a desert.
I can feel that pain it holds
I can sense a longing for more
What meaning does its life yet hold
What value does it’s being still cast into the world at large?
The longer I stare at the mirror
The more the figure takes a familiar form
More and more I see the ravages of life unfold upon its face
I can see the tired eyes nearly longing for rest a heart broken by life.
I struggle with the visage
I struggle with its crying out unto me
I feel its pain and its ever-longing abyssal shade
It washes over me and cleanses me of my mortality time and time again.
I see the denigrating visage
It looks as I look
It feels as I sometimes do
I know this image looking back into my eyes and yet it is alien to me.
I fear this image in the mirror
It seems to grow closer pulling me inside
Casting away parts of the me I know
Feeding from me with an unquenchable hunger like some unclean beast.
This errant bastard in the mirror
How I loath him this detestable thing
That I hope he should no longer breathe another breath
I should welcome his untimely end and the breaking of these chains on me.
Oh this filthy thing of rot
My stomach turns and wretches at thee
Who is so low as to make me feel lesser of myself
I don’t recognize you any longer I don’t see you anymore begone foul creature, back to the depths of Nod!