I will pull no punches in the following statement, “Humans have evolved technology and yet haven’t moved nary an inch societally.” We have become nothing more than monkeys with cellphones and laptops, refusing change in any meaningful way, while simultaneously crying out for “feel good,” measures to be passed. So when I say, “Humanity and the foible of modern society,” I mean just that.

I am no guru, no sage, nor do I make any sort of claim to be, but I am an astute observer of the world and of societies around the world. Education is in shambles, profits are put ahead of any and everything, humans are most entrenched in chattel slavery, simply working, spending little time with family, and all for meager survival. Even those considered amongst the middle class, are one to two paychecks from being homeless. 

Most human beings are closer to being homeless or at most decrepitly poor, than they are having a chance at making hundreds of thousands of dollars. From ages sixteen to sixty-five or older, we spend a majority of our lives driving to and from work, to work 8-10 hours plus out of the day, to retire and have to make drastic cutbacks. We sacrifice most of the time with those we love, our significant others, friends, children,  parents etcetera, for 48-50 years, so we can retire and live worse.

That’s not all…

We sacrifice our dreams and hopes, we sacrifice self-care, everything and I mean everything has a price tag today. We have dumbed down education, we have dumbed down literature, we have dumbed down entertainment, but entertainment is in abundance. Why? The answer is simple…

If you’re dumbed down, what you read is, you have mindless groves of idiotic entertainment, you won’t realize just how much everything is truly skewed and screwed up!

By now a good majority of those reading this are either laughing or enraged (cognitive dissonance is also strong) and that is a true testament to the idiocy of modern society. “Things were worse [insert date here],” no… no they weren’t, they were about the same; but no progress, very little progress over the span of decades, centuries, or even millennia, is counterintuitive to the nature of the human species. In America, we’re told we’re entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… meanwhile most are mentally or physically ill, our rights change at the tip of a pen and were too busy working to pursue much else. 

I gripe about modern society, I focus on it, because it’s still the same or worse, than society was hundreds of years back. The king raises taxes, levies, and fines, moving beyond the peasant class puts one at the mercy of more debt, possibly even jail, and makes life unbearable for many. The President/Governor/Prime Minister raises taxes, levies, and fines, moving beyond the lower class often means getting obscene student loans (with no guarantee of a better life) and puts you so far into debt that you have to dig yourself out of the hole or face trouble getting a vehicle, home, or even to rent a property. 

Slavery and indentured servitude still exists in parts of the world… that should say something.

There are now so many laws, that it is impossible to go through life without breaking one and our collective prison populations show as much. People invest in prisons, even for-profit prisons… generally speaking, a good many of those investors are the same one’s writing the laws. Politicians will invest in companies making weapons of war, only to turn around and sign off on near-endless wars.

Governments spy on their own citizens under the guise of national security, only to have us find out their privacies were so greatly protected that for decades they got away with horrific crimes. Whistleblowers are treated like wanted criminals, while those who had the proverbial whistle blown on, have little to nothing done. Society is starting to look like an asylum with the craziest bastards running the show!

…and before you say, “That’s just America ha ha ha,” I talk with thousands of people from around the globe, it is an Earth problem, not an American one. 

All of this is in place to make YOU accept the yoke of mediocrity, to be an obedient worker who shows up for your crumbs to barely “get by.” So what happens when more and more people wake up to these facts?

The media pollutes your television and bombards you with news from all angles telling you exactly what people (who are in the same shoes as you) are to be blamed. It’s the poor people’s fault for being too lazy, it’s the middle classes’ fault for being uncaring, it’s the upper classes’ fault for being too greedy… in reality, it’s the fact that the governments and corporations (run by ultra-elite class) faults. In the end, it is the policymakers, the ones writing laws, it’s the one’s in power (who are supposed to be public servants) serving themselves all too well and it’s the major corporation’s faults for influencing things to remain as they are, forever…unchanged.

We’re given a few political candidates every so many years, we are told they are the best and brightest, but in the end, you’re left choosing the lesser of evils…and democracy – that is the biggest steaming pile ever concocted!

If I said to you, this is what you should believe, what you’re allowed to do, and how you should be, would you do it? What if me and a friend of mine both told you the same thing, there’s more of us saying the same thing right? If you still disagree, then you should concede that 51% of the populous should not decide what 49% believe and how they should live. 

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what they are going to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” – Benjamin Franklin

…and before you claim that I’m left, or right, well for one that’s a defense mechanism to maintain your cognitive dissonance, two, I don’t engage in the media, I hate political parties, I think the left and right are both infantile plebians, and finally, I hate both sides tremendously in their extremist forms. I have been a tried and true black flag anarchist for too long, to identify with either side of the political spectrum. 

What this all amounts to is tribalism, or at least a fragment of tribalism leftover encoded into our very DNA. Look at sports, people have “Their team,” they refuse to acknowledge when their team commits a foul and sees fouls that don’t exist in the opposing team as they play. Now you understand politics. The best part about it, the government knows and they play you for it like a fiddle because there is no team, regardless of who wins it’s not your team because they don’t care one iota about you, they are their own team. 

Look at how publicly they shame and yell and call each other out for what they themselves do, then at fundraisers, and immediately when they’re out of office, they’re “besties.” People who seemingly tried to destroy one another at every turn, now golf together and have brunch, attend soirees and events, hug one another even.

“It’s a Big Club, and You Ain’t in It” – George Carlin

It’s an illusion of opposition, controlled opposition even, to feed upon your tribal instincts and make you believe you’re on the good team and before you disclaim this theory, every culture known to man, has been a tribal culture. Everyone wants to believe they are good, doing and believing what’s good and right, so the opposition must make that a priority. Our side cares about the people, unlike them who only serve themselves and donors…sound about right?

…and remember, if you don’t believe exactly what someone’s side is, you must be a brainwashed moron, unlike them who are so much better informed. Me, I don’t care if you think like me, I’m not writing any of this with the delusion that it’ll “convert,” others, I just want people to think and do it for themselves.

Humanity needs to distance itself from all things which separate us, we must unite for change, unite for a better world and work towards getting rid of the chains that enslave all of us to the old way of thinking. Change requires the individual, you have to be the change alone before you can make the change in others. Once more people change, then more still from them, you begin changing the world, this is how it’s done, but it’s a slow process. 

This is the first, of what I hope to be many essays on the world penned by me. I’d like to see people read them with an open mind. You as a reader have all of the power, you can shrug this all off and never see my website again, or you can begin thinking for yourself, freeing yourself from the shackles of the old.