Horror, sweet horror

Hi everybody, my name is Lord Frederick …and I’m a horror addict!

I suppose I should start at the beginning, Halloween, when I was five years old and for some reason, I trick or treated early and was home in time to watch some television with my uncle Robert. The George Romero masterpiece “Night of the living dead,” was on, and I sat beside my uncle and we watched it together. That movie scared the dickens out of me, I felt fear from something on television, it made me think about life and death… I was hooked!

Every horror film I could watch, I watched, the “goosebumps,” books, the “…are you afraid of the dark,” books, I obsessively collected, it was in that one moment I mentioned, that a lifelong love was formed. I began reading horror comic books, and I watched horror movies in the theaters, I was utterly obsessed, and as I grew, so did my obsession with the dark, strange, and macabre. I began writing horror stories and telling them to friends, who seemed to love them, however, their parents often complained they often had trouble sleeping.

I developed favorite authors such as Stephen King, Howard Philips Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Clive Barker, and any films associated with their works and any books they’d had, I needed. Halloween became my favorite celebration from the moment horror flowed through my veins, and gothic/industrial and heavy metal music and aesthetic became an accompaniment to that. 

…and do you know what? None of that has changed!

Today, I am a published horror author, and gothic poet, I was in the goth industrial project D-Lux through it the entirety of albums, and I am in another project today. That one fateful night of seeing the Romero classic altered the course of my life and has held sway to this day. Actors like Price, Karlof, Lee, Lugosi, and Cushing became heroes to me, even when playing villains and monsters, their films influence me in my writing, right alongside the modern masters of horror cinema. 

Werewolves, vampires, zombies, aliens, odd creatures, monsters, and beasts deformed by evil, ghosts, demons, and evil spirits, these are the things I read and watch, giddy as that young five-year-old version of me seeing his first.