Though the suffering seems eternal
and the darkness consumes the mind
There is hope, there is joy you will find.
When you’re tired and oppressed
When your heart aches to the core
There is hope give just one day more.
Fear thee not at what awaits you
Face the challenges and rise
Wipe away those lonely tears from your eyes.
Yet nothing lasts eternal
We all must meet our bitter end
But there is hope, there is light my lovely friend.
When you end up on the bottom
Clawing walls to rise above
Place your hope, place your trust in only love.
When the body faces illness
and strength is hard to find to fight
Keep your hope, fight the darkness find the light.
Though we suffer and know pain
We know joy and we know life
Push ahead through all the bleakness and the strife.
Our strength comes from within us
Guided by our love we can find the strength to cope
Hold within you every shred of light and hope.