Hello, my name is you!

While this might sound funny, it is truthfully the most honest thing we can think of. Humanity as a species likes to put itself into neat little boxes, separate itself and make itself seem entirely unlike everyone else. The fact is, however, we are far more alike than we are different.

We all have the same appendages, the same basic features such as two eyes, two ears, but that’s just the obvious, our similarities go far beyond the obvious!

Do you like suffering or seeing loved ones suffer? No, me either, we all want to thrive, to do more, and to see our loved ones do the same. No one has ever said, “I’m doing great right now, but I wish I could step on a lego, get injured, and have to lay in bed for a week.” 

Everyone wants what’s best for them and the people they love, they care about someone or something and want to see them flourish. Everyone wants to be healthy and free of malady, free of sickness or injury. All of us want to live somewhere decent, a place to call our own that when a day is stressful, we can retreat too. 

Hello, my name is you!

Everyone wants to be accepted for who and what they are, even if they don’t care about other’s perceptions of them, they want to be as they are. Everyone wants to freely live their lifestyle as they see fit, and as long as they aren’t harming another, should be free to do so. Everyone wants to be a good person, regardless of the idiocy they espouse, it is generally a belief held under the belief that it is good and right. 

No one wakes to the morning sun and says, “I’d like to be a right bastard and hurt people today,” that’s not how human empathy is hardwired. As a child, we always identify with the hero and cheer when the villain gets their due. We use our imagination to become the hero of the story and destroy the forces of evil, over and over again. 

Hello, my name is you!

We are more like one another than we are unlike one another!

Perception is projection is one truth I’d learned from Neurolinguistic programming, it means that to hate something in others, it must be within you first. This means that to know what you dislike in others, you have to experience itself first within you to some degree. You dislike someone because you yourself dislike that attribute or belief in yourself! 

Everyone hates being taken advantage of, being used is something we can all agree on, it hurts and angers us. Being loved feels great and when we are in love, it feels like the skies have opened arms for us. Bliss is seeing your child be born or marrying the love of your life, am I right?

Hello, my name is you!

We all cry when we suffer loss, we all smile when we are happy and we all feel relieved after something stressful has subsided. We are the same, even if we have many differences, we have more of the same and when we recognize this, we live a more harmonious life with others.