What if I said I’ll give you 1 million dollars or perfect health until you’re 85 years old, which would you choose. To sweeten the deal, perfect health and guaranteed life until you’re 85 years old. If you aren’t a complete idiot, you’d of course choose health and life, which is why health is the truest form of wealth we can amass. 

One cannot grow old and be healthy without being active, aging itself weakens the body and degrades our abilities. Active lifestyles including a good diet and exercise help stave off the effects of aging and keep our bodies healthy long into our golden years. Having good health lets us live longer, be more mobile, and fights off many of the adverse ailments that can come with aging and a sedentary lifestyle. 

On your deathbed, I would be willing to bet you wouldn’t care about the money you have but would wish for more time with loved ones. Health is the wealth of the wise!

It’s never too late to begin caring about your health, I started at 42 years old and 278 pounds (6’2″), and I’m killing it and feeling better than ever. I started lifting weights four months back and now bike close to 20 miles a day and am loving every minute of it. It’s not easy to get into the habit of working out, but once you do, you get hooked like a drug! 

If you have good health, you are doing better off than many people in the world, regardless of the money in your bank account. Health isn’t something you can buy, sure you can buy doctors assistance with surgeries and medications, however in the end, you are no healthier than anyone who has neglected themselves. Money can put a bandaid on a gaping wound, but cannot give you health!

When people found out I began working out hard, I’d received all sorts of snide remarks, “You’ll die anyway regardless if you work out,” and similar, but that’s not why I workout. I work out for my health, to stave off medical maladies, to be active with my four kids in sports and running around, and to be mobile in my older years. I don’t want health conditions springing up surprising me, taking me away from my family either. 

I work out for me, the fact that my family benefits from it is simply a bonus, but working out for me, is “me,” time!