Hand poke upgrade!

Once I tattooed myself, I knew that there was no turning back for me and in that moment, I knew I was officially a slave to the ink!

I jumped on Amazon and knew that I wanted to upgrade from the Dragonhawk beginner kit to a better (Aircraft-grade aluminum) needle holder, and instead, switched from the bar needle to single-use needle cartridges. As both a nod that I trust their quality from using their kit and needles, I purchased Dragonhawk needle cartridges too. I have since tattooed two more tattoos on my hand, both drawn by my other daughters (to be fair), so all three of them ages, 7, 10, 18, each drew up and made the stencils for the tattoos I did on my hand… and the cartridge system truly shined and the new holder was flawless in its operation, simplicity (the knob is buttery smooth to change needle depth), the weight is amazing and helps push into the skin, it’s incredibly comfortable, and the needle carts install and uninstall quick, simple, and cleanly. 

Now I need my two sons (13 and 15) and my wife to create stencils for me to ink and I’ll be set because I refuse to do names… and want something to have a piece of them with me always, no matter where we all are in life as they get older. 

I plan on getting a machine in the future and finishing up my journey in learning modern tattooing as well, but to tell you the truth, hand poke was, is, and will forever be my first and last love and my primary focus. Stick and poke tattooing, traditional tattooing is my absolute addiction, one poke at a time, one prick of the flesh, one dot at a time… slowly coming into being, and forming something beautiful from nothing. A painter creates from an empty canvas, a musician creates from silence, and a traditional tattoo artist creates from flesh and ink, with the smallest of dots. 

I will continue to upgrade my hand poke game, both in my equipment and in my practice so I can get better and better at my craft…