Genealogy for fun

When I began my journey into genealogy, I just wanted to know what I am ethnically and to find information on my father’s side of the family. While it may seem nerdy to some, genealogy has become a lot of fun to study and learn about as well. Genealogy is the study of family trees, ancestors, and altogether the study of how you came to be.

Through genealogy study and practice, you’ll find all sorts of connections to the past, soldiers were a part of famous wars, artists, musicians, aristocrats, etcetera. It’s amazing what you’ll find in your family lines and lineages. Each new discovery yields further discovery and grows deeper and deeper in your family tree. 

I have found civil war colonels, a ton of WWI and WWII soldiers, ancestors from other nations, musicians, and so much more! 

The finds and discoveries do take some research, connecting one person to others to verify that they are the same family tree, but it is ultimately rewarding. The work put into genealogy, only yields more work, but the work is so satisfying to see to fruition. 

Genealogy to learn

Genealogy has led me down the proverbial rabbit hole, the more I learn about my ancestors and family tree, the more I have to study about both the person and things they are identified by. I’ve studied wars, territories, countries, and history more in doing genealogy than I ever have before. This includes studying historical documents, which Ancestry has a plethora of to explore. 

I cannot begin to tell you how much history I have studied, all related directly or indirectly to ancestors and those in my direct family lineage. The more I learn about my genealogy, the more I learn in general, so it is as much fun as it is educational in nature.