Every American has freedoms guaranteed by our constitution and bill of rights, but these freedoms are not without some restrictions. The laws in America rightfully protect our freedoms, while also protecting others from our exercise of them. Absolute freedom without restraint would be disastrous in the context of a functioning society, especially with so many unique individuals and perspectives. 

We are free to do and say as we please, as long as our freedoms do not impose upon or restrict another’s exercising of theirs. Your rights extend so far as until they impose upon another person’s rights, which is wholly fair and equal. Murder, for example, would infringe upon another individual’s right to life and to exercise their freedom to live. 

While we have freedom of speech, it is illegal to scream “Fire,” in a crowded movie theatre, as you can cause injuries and panic in others. So while we have freedom of speech and to express ourselves, we are not free from the ramifications of what we say. This is honestly more so a personal accountability thing than a freedom one. 

I have always supported freedom, but not at the expense of another person having the right to exercise their freedom. 

Freedoms limit is not at the expense of exercising your rights, instead, it protects others so that they can exercise their rights. If we lived in an anarchist society where no one is afforded these protections, everyone would be a target of someone else and would lead to the survival of the fittest mentality. Dog eat dog would thus limit freedom, it would make it so that you’re only as free as you can survive another person’s freedom. 

This is why freedom is given certain limitations, and this is why I support those limitations!