Broken chains lay at foot

Once held my limbs to stay put

Bars bent within my mind

Free of all the ties that bind

Free of all that’s right and wrong

Free to be both weak and strong

Yes I decide I shall be free

Of shackles once imposed on me.

Of webs which held me to devour

I am free by my own power

Not bound by man or mental chain

Or those of claims to be humane

Nor hand nor foot to stand beneath

No lord to grin and grit my teeth

No whip to crack upon my skin

Free of all the lies and spin.

Free to see my own self worth

A sovereign being of the earth

Free to see with opened eyes

Invisible ropes which have been tied

Free to seek out our own truth

Free to teach it to our youth

So one day they may too be free

And live in peace and harmony.