Faith is a belief, not just belief but a near unwavering belief. Faith can be reassured, reinforced, even to the point that cognitive dissonance is created, but in the end, it is fragile. How many people of faith lose it in an instant, and how often do we hear of society becoming more secular and removed from faith?

Faith is something that someone must have in order to explain what they do not understand. It is the false equivalent of hope, whereas one hopes for something, another might put blind faith in the fact that it will happen. This is negative because when hope is broken, the individual will mostly continue to hope for a better outcome, whereas the faithful, will be crushed.

Faith is only as strong and adamant as the deeds we perform in the name of faith, thereby deeds are above any modicum of faith one may hold. Today, we see blind faith put upon a pedestal and revered as something of value, but what value lies amongst not knowing what is real from illusory? Faith is not knowing, faith is what one has when one isn’t certain of something being real or not; just believe, have faith, trust in it’s validity, but this is hollow.

The waters of blind faith cannot drown an ant, let alone bring a deluge of wisdom, spirituality or any value, but it has brought about many cults throughout the ages. The cults of blind faith have committed mass suicides, horrendous acts of violence, murder, torture, rape…this is the path of blind, unwavering faith. It is far-flung from the peace, wisdom, and spirit filling in which those sects profess to be established. 

Blind faith is a man telling you to jump from a mountain top and you will fly, do you jump? Do you reject that “Leap of faith,” or tell the man to go first? This is where the question of faith lies, because after all… faith is fragile.

Ask your reverend, pastor, minister, and what have you, what proof they have of God’s existence, they will tell you their faith, or that you must have faith, but do you really? Experiences, deeds, living right, finding the spirit of God in others, these elements trump faith a thousandfold and are real and true, unshakeable, and deeply spiritual. Any religious figure who simply mentions faith, be faithful, have faith, be rid of them, they themselves have not had the experiences I mentioned above. 

Where can you find God? Is he invisible and only through having “faith,” can be briefly viewed? What is God?

These seem like questions a person could spend a lifetime looking into, but that is only because the answer is under their noses the whole time. You can view God in the trees, in the waters, in animals, in the clear blue skies, within the rain, and within each and every living being. God is all things and all things are of him!

Faith is fragile because it isn’t something tangible, it isn’t real, it isn’t something of genuine value and it doesn’t lead to God, but away from him. Hug your children, your significant other, your neighbor, say “I love you,” to someone and mean it, feel it, therein is God. If you speak to someone and they change you, a true transformation from the inside out, you have experienced God through them. 

When I say that faith is fragile, I don’t mean that your religion is fragile, but that if you rely on faith, your spirituality is like a delicate teacup balanced on the end of a finger. Faith is nearly worthless to the person who has God, who knows God, and who has experienced it in their own life.

God is all…