By order and declaration of the king, we hereby establish the declaration of rights and duties for the citizenry of Newfredland, in accordance with our founding documents. The Newfredland government finds it imperative that citizens understand the inalienable rights recognized by our government, as well as the expectations and duties of our citizens. It is important firstly, to understand what one’s rights and duties hereby mean;

Individual rights

It is important to note that the government, nor the royal family “grant,” any of these rights and instead recognize these rights as self-evident for every citizen. These rights cannot be taken away by any party, for so long as the individual remains a citizen. It is also important to note that individuals’ rights begin with themselves and personal accountability and end with infringing on another’s rights. 

Individual duties

A citizen is expected to uphold certain duties to and for the nation of Newfredland. No citizen, nor royal is exempted from these duties, for any reasons whatsoever. The government and royal family of Newfredland would not ask anyone to do anything that they wouldn’t in fact, do themselves. 

The declaration of rights and duties

  1. Every citizen is entitled to the free expression of speech inasmuch as it does not cause physical harm.
  2. Religion or the lack thereof shall not be restricted, nor the practices hindered herein, as long as it doesn’t restrict another’s right.
  3. Every citizen is entitled to live a life devoid of physical violence and or coercion under threat of violence.
  4. Free enterprise is the right of every citizen herein, unrestricted by tampering or legislation restricting the free practice thereof.
  5. Every citizen’s life is precious and thereby the right to self-preservation is wholly recognized. This includes all tools of self-defense and preparedness. 
  6. Newfredland holds no standing army, and as such, the whole of the citizenry shall be counted amongst the militia of our nation, responsible for protection from invaders and those who would mean to do our country harm. 
  7. Every citizen is free to seek their own individual happiness, in accordance with natural law. 
  8. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited under the penalty of a hefty fine and or exile. 
  9. If a citizen sees another citizen in dire consequences, such as being assaulted, about to be harmed etcetera… they have a duty to assist them. (Brother’s keeper law/duty)
  10. The press shall not be infringed upon its free operation. 
  11. All individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and the accused are entitled to a speedy trial by their peers. 
  12. All men and women are created equal and share in the natural rights and duties herein.