Weeping, draining, desperation their creed,
Struggling to survive, unwanted, unclean,
Their voices, silent lamentations pleading for mercy,
Weak and afraid, hungry, thirsty,
Left to die without a tear shed, with careless abandon,
They live, but do not live,
Each day they grow closer to death without hope,
They survive on little and ask for less.

Born to a world who has forsaken them,
Born to a family who cannot care for them,
Paying for the sins of their fathers,
Made to suffer without end,
No one can hear their torment
Their inward cries, their pleas for salvation,
Looking, searching in vain for something,
Searching for someone to end their pain.

Endlessly death, endless misery,
Starving, fighting, disease, killing, dying of nothing,
Dying for nothing, empty and alone,
The scream out to the heavens for compassion,
Twitching, writhing, tears flooding their beds,
Death their only escape from the agony,
Death their only hope to remove the sting,
Death… with cries unheard.