One thing I prize most in life, both in myself and in others, is creativity. Creativity comes in many forms; music, poetry, writing, art, dance, acting, programming, creative solutions to problems, decorating etcetera. Creativity is something that speaks to us from the spirit, it elicits emotion and makes the mind work in ways nothing else does. 

Creativity brightens the world, brings beauty to places devoid of it, and makes life more enjoyable. Every act of genuine creativity is an act of love, a gift to the world from the very core of your being. Creativity and creative acts are something I absolutely cherish and hold in near-sacred esteem.

I have always surrounded myself with those who are creative, it’s one of the things I enjoy most in life. Friends of mine into creative forays are often the most eclectic, often borderline genius, and are always intellectually stimulating. Creative types are often constantly thinking, about the world, about their craft, always offering up much more than small talk. 

Creativity is an expression of self, an expression of what lies deep in the spirit of a person. It is a passion that calls to the individual to create, to manifest something to share with the world. Creativity speaks where mere words fail to elucidate, it shocks, it inspires, it repulses and draws in, it celebrates and brings one to tears. 

That which requires creativity, requires a deep emotional connection, both from the creator and those experiencing it. Though a piece of creativity may be sad or seem angry, they come by way of love. Loss, grief, joy, nearly all of these things stem from love, to feel loss or grief, you had to have loved. 

I myself have been involved in music, art, poetry, writing, and martial arts for as long as I could remember, creativity is a huge part of my daily life. I live to create, in every way imaginable, if I can conceive something to use my creativity, I will. Expression is a huge part of everything I am, from how I choose to dress, to what I do, it is an expression of creativity and myself.