2020 saw the spread of the illness Covid-19 globally, governments panicked and so did many citizens, as it wreaked havoc throughout humanity. This pandemic has taken countless lives from us, transformed many more lives, and saw the rise of precautions that all people were expected to follow. “Wear a mask, wash your hands, stand at least six feet from one another, and do not gather,” was the mantra. 

Many who lost loved ones were not allowed to hold funerals or see their deceased one last time. Birthdays and holidays came and went, all the while we were held in our homes, captives of Covid-19. If anything, our mettle as a species has been tested, yet here we still stand. 

The most trying thing about the pandemic has been the separation from friends and family and missing milestones and holidays. Technology has helped a bit with video calling and chatting, but even then technology cannot replace a hug or kiss. The stress of this separation has been palpable, but it has not defeated the human spirit, only made us yearn further for that connection.

We are separated in body, never in spirit, never in love, and if anything it has given us more time to think about our loved ones. Many of us (my own father) with elderly loved ones in hospitals (unrelated to the illness) cannot visit them, and it is something that causes even more concern. This has led me to realize very quickly how much simple contact with loved ones means.

We are mammals, we crave the contact of those we love, to see them in front of us, to hug them and let them know we care. Instead of this separation creating distance, it has made us draw closer and has us waiting in anticipation to see one another again. This is a testament to the human spirit!