During the initial quarantine and throughout this pandemic, the need for technology quickly became apparent. Facebook, Facebook messenger, ZOOM meetings, online groups… these are truly the saving graces of keeping connected while apart. We can see each other, talk to one another, share with one another, and empathize with one another. 

Though we may be apart, we can connect and feel together and that has been a truly amazing thing through all of this. To be apart and to see one another smile and talk, and share, laugh, and truly feel like we’re connected. This is what I call, “Connected apart,” it’s star trek recognized in our time… well at least the ability to connect to one another via screens, even in the palm of the hand!

It’s a marvel that for many of us, kept our sanity through being so distanced even in relatively close proximity. I may be Gen X in saying this, but I grew up before tech, at the beginning of home computers, to the need for them in nearly every household, it’s really cool to be 42… am I right? hello???

Message boards, private messages, chatrooms, IRC, social media, meeting software… this has been the history of trying to connect us while apart. It’s a grand culmination emanating from the digital age into video chat for everyone, everywhere. now we can be connected apart and brought together in seconds. Tech is now and tech is the future, bringing us together always, connecting us, alleviating suffering.